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Tank Level Gauging

ASF ControlLevelDatic-Electro-pneumatic tank measurement for ballast tanks, void spaces, fuel oil tanks and Water Ingress Monitoring.

The analogue LevelDatic 80S was developed following requests from the marine industry. The LevelDatic 80S is based on the hydrostatic measuring principle. This means that every measuring channel has its own sensor, an own air flow controller/indicator, air purge possibility and own shut off and non-return valves. Every flow controller has a quick test connection to the measuring line for fast checking.

The design of LevelDatic 80S is very reliable and accurate so that the crew can trust the system to provide correct continuous online information on tank levels and ship drafts, and detect water ingress and monitor the change in water levels of flooded compartments.

Rosemount 520 Rosemount 520 Level Transmitter

Take preventative marine tank management action before failures impact your ship’s performance with the Rosemount 520 Level Transmitter. Titanium housing makes it compatible with all commonly used liquids. Reduce your frequency of calibration and maintenance costs with a 5-year stability and superior overpressure protection. Digital HART® protocol allows for transmitter diagnostics, enabling remote configuration and troubleshooting right from the control room. Engineered for harsh marine environments.

  • Designed and approved for harsh marine environments.
  • Suitable for installation in virtually any tank gauging application.
  • Enhanced performance with 5-year stability guarantee.
  • HART® capabilities.
  • Superior overpressure protection ensures trouble-free ownership.
  • Engineered to reduce calibration frequency, reducing your maintenance costs.
  • Wide range of installation options makes the transmitter suitable for all tank types.
  • Up to 25:1 rangeability not only allows you to be flexible, but also reduce inventories.