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Gauge Emulation

Make a Cost Efficient System Upgrade at Your Own Pace

There is an alternative to paying a lot of maintenance costs and being stuck with the same old system or level gauge supplier, and that is emulation. Gauge emulation is when a gauge seamlessly can replace another device, independent of measurement technology, in an existing system. Data from the integrated radar gauge is displayed as before on the inventory management system.A Rosemount TankRadar Rex gauge is normally installed without taking the tank out of operation. Existing tank openings and cabling can be used – no hot work is required.

It is even possible to seamlessly replace other tank management systems with the powerful TankMaster software solution. Data from all types of units is then collected and displayed.

Emulation brings the possibility to upgrade a system
step-by-step, either by replacing one or more gauges,
or by switching to another operator interface.

Supported Communication Protocols:

  • Enraf® Bi-phase Mark GPU
  • Whessoe® WM550/660
  • GPE 31422/31423
  • L&J Tankway
  • Sakura
  • Tokyo Keiso (TIC)
  • Varec® Mark/Space