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Rosemount 2240S Multi-input Temperature Transmitter

The ultra-stable Rosemount 2240S is approved for demanding custody transfer applications, which require very accurate level and temperature measurements for net standard volume calculations. Used with a Rosemount 565/566/765 temperature sensor or a Cool Down and Leak Detection sensor.

Rosemount 765 Multiple Spot Temperature and Water Level Sensor

The water level sensor is used to determine the water content in a tank. At the bottom of an oil storage tank there is water and by measuring the water level it is possible to calculate the correct product volume in the tank.

Rosemount 565/566 Multiple Spot Temperature Sensor

Up to 16 spot elements, placed at different heights, provide a tank temperature profile and average temperature. The sensor can be
integrated with a water level sensor. The 566 cryogenic version is
used for LNG applications.

3051S Pressure Transmitter

Rosemount 3051S is the standard pressure transmitter supplied with the Raptor system for in-liquid mounting. It has an industry leading performance with 0.025% accuracy.